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First Snow in Kuusa

Kuusaankoski (meaning: Kuusaa rapids) is a popular fishing rapids in Central Finland with cultural heritage landscape. The Kuusaankoski rapids are among the best trout rapids in southern Finland.

Had gone there on hopes of finding a wintery landscape but most of the snow on the trees was already gone .. and these days its too freezing to...

Snow hike under the heavens

Hey LNP group!

Here's my very first contribution to this group.

Have you ever taken a stroll in the snow at night? It's the most revitalizing, calming and inspiring thing. When the cold of the winter silently contrasts with the freezing vastness of space, nothing better to look up at the celestial show above your head.

An amateure Headshot

Honestly this is the first time i took some real headshots after practicing one time only. This one is my friend and my first client along with my others friends who asked me to capture their committee profile photo. Here is my most favourite photo along our sessions. Yes, im amateure, but ive been inspired by Peter Hurley and Dylan Patricks as...

Track and Field Hurdles

When I saw this photo on the camera's LCD screen I was so excited. I knew it was the best I was going to get all day. It's one of those photos where I felt like I was only going to ruin it in postproduction — but hopefully I didn't?

Personally I love the lighting, which was a huge system more appropriate for lighting cars in studio....

Highway Sunset

One of the few days this winter, when the sky cleared a little to let some of the sun rays peak through the clouds. As I was driving around Wroclaw I found that little bridge with dramatic view of the sky with car light trails leading right to it. Pure awesomeness! :)

Implied Sunset

I shot this a couple days ago at Haystack Rock in Oregon. Dealing with the incoming tide to give me some line streaks was an interesting challenge. With that being said, I love the look of this image and the almost flaring on the left hand side. My question is that since it's obviously a sunset and it being implied, would I have been better off...

Tre Cime

I spent Thanksgiving solo in Italy so I headed up to Tre Cime and did an 18 hour day at this iconic location. I started the hike at 3am so I could shoot a starscape and stayed through until I could shoot another one. I'm having a very hard time picking a favorite since I had such awesome weather to work with. My travel computer is not the...

Normal Magazine

Hello !

Here is my first video edited and filmed for a magazine.

Canon 5D MkIII, Amsterdam.

Editorial :

Have a goog night.



Great Sand Dunes National Park is about a 4 hour drive from where I live, and I've been going there for a few years. It's one of my favorite places to shoot.

On this most recent trip, I wanted to experiment with more "gentle" images. Most of my previous dune images have been quite contrasty and full of detail; I want to move towards more...