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New Trends in Senior Portraits

Hello everyone -

I was surprised to see that there was not a group for senior portrait photography, so I thought I would go ahead and start it. I am by no means an expert in any possible way though :). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to discuss any new trends they have noticed in senior portraits.

I will...

First Attempt at Macro

I have recently decided to up my photography game and actually try and make good compositions/take solid photographs for prints. I was much more casual before, now I am proactive in learning how to take better photos.

That being said, today I attempted Macro photography and this was one result I enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, I feel...

Jim Lake, Alabamastan

New to the group. I've visited 18 foreign countries and 35 States (not including the ones I've just driven through) and Washington, D.C. My interest in photography started when I went on active duty in the US Air Force in 1978 to document the places I would visit. Some 30+ years later, I'm still at it. I think I've got better, but who knows...

First timer here....sort of.

Hi all. I'm Christian Webb, headshot photographer in NYC. Been a member here for a bit I think.....But each time I've come here and tried to post and get started.....something goes wrong with my upload. Anyway, here's another attempt. Headshot from a recent session for an actor, JC.

shooting on the go and selecting

Good day or Good evening to all

Just joined the group and hoping to be able to contribute some value to it; but now im thinking maybe you can help me with value.
I often go on trips by myself and take photos. Some i wonder if can be used for stock. I already have a shutterstock account and 300 dollars down over 2 years; but i dont...

Rip me apart...

LoL... was trying to get people's attention, hope it did. This image below is one of my images that sent me to the "next level" in the direction I want to head... Fashion photography. While I know the skin looks overly edited but I am doing my fashion photography based on the trends of what the market (photo editors) are demanding and vast...

New to Photography

Hi Everyone

I have just started out in photography and can't get enough of shooting pictures and playing around with them in post production. Here is my first attempt at landscape photography any criticism to help me develop would be very much appreciated.


Client asking for images.

Hi all, first time posting.

I have been contracted my a web design company to do a shoot for a nursing business. I have sent the images to the web company and now the nursing business has emailed me direct and asked for copies of the images... Do I just give the images to them or do I charge them for copies that they want?