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CC, feedback, and rating this photo?

I had the chance to climb with my fellow staff at a rock climbing gym outdoors. We had an awesome time, and I was able to capture a couple pretty cool photos. Below is (in my opinion) the best, but there is another on my portfolio. If you're feeling very helpful, you could check out the others on my website too ;)

Thank you in advance!...

CC wanted

Hi all,
like many here I am first time poster looking for some constructive criticism. Please feel free to comment on any and everything (composition, lighting, post-processing, etc). Thanks in advance.

Instagram - Patterns and strategy

Hey guys this is my first post on this group and i want to ask you all one question that seems to me very effective on IG.
In this group i found inspiration from @the_gris for making some of the photos on my IG account and keep working hard to get new followers.
I've also want to thank everybody wich wrote a good post with a trick...

engagement photoshoot for a good friend of mine please critique

I'm pretty new to photography, I've been shooting for a bout 1.5/ 2 years and i like that there are other individuals that can provide me with great no biased help or critique on my work. I currently use adobe light room cc to do all of my post processing. this is my 1st time on this as as well as my 1st post! i hope you all like the pictures...

Never Throw Away Outtakes

I was hired by a recording label in Nashville, TN to photograph a gospel group for their new album. The group consisted of three really nice guys and we shot together for two days. On the last day we were given access to a theater where they would be doing a Christmas concert. I had a shot planned with the three of them sitting in different...