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Hi folks, I guess it's only fair that I post an image for you all to critique, since I started this group. I'm still very much working towards improving my food photography, and I decided to try a more environmental shot than I usually do.

Lauchlan Toal
Frosted Champagne

Any critiques...

What do you think?

What do you think of my attempt of photographing and editing the Seljalandsfoss?

I've got the following questions:
-How would you deal with the mud between the grass in the foreground?
Leave it the way it is/ Mask it out (How would you do that?)
-Could the Cliffs on the right use...

Lee filters or Hi-Tech

Hi.. I want to see your comments and what filters do you can tell me I should buy..
Since 3 years I have been shooting landscapes, when I start Photography, I buy a cheap square filter set from those that are plastics, after that I get the cokin filters, and I have use until these days, now I want to get a new set of filters, with a...

Hey guys, newbie to Fstoppers here.

Hi everybody, I'm new to Fstoppers but not to photography. Having a passion for all things cars, and working with cars for the past 5-6 years, I am relatively new to car photography. I recently bought some more gear for my camera and I thought I'd have a go at light painting my own car. This is my first attempt, the only light source I used to...

Lechfall in a Winter Night

I've just uploaded this and would like some tips to improve.

I tried to use the river and the mountains on the background to guide the eye of the viewer to the waterfall and the tree as a breakpoint to stop the eye on that part of the image.

Critics and comments are always welcome ;)

Black Racer

I'm fairly new to photography and I'm very interested in nature and wildlife photography so that's what I've been focusing on. It'd be great if I could get some feedback on my beginning photographs that may make my work stronger in the future. Thanks!

Mt. Cook

Hello guys,

I am quite new to photography - or more precisely, I have never prioritized it as much as I should in order to make progress.
This is a photo of Mt. Cook which I took when hiking trough the valley. We entered a small shed and it's window gave me a nice idea for framing.
Any comments or improvement suggestions are...

First "Post Elia" Image...

This is a little bit of a cheat as I took the shot before I had watched any of Elia's tutorials and had processed using Lightroom. I wasn't in any way comfortable in Photoshop. I've watched around half of the tutorials and I wanted to practice what I was seeing on one of my own images so I returned to this one... Looking at it now I think maybe...