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Portrait critique

I am wanting to take my images to another level. Just wanting some feedback on what I could try ... Both in camera or post processing . Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Fetching image ...

My photos no longer up load

I have spent all afternoon trying upload some pictures, under 12 MB and the wheel of doom just spins. I have rebooted my machine twice but still no joy. The photos are not in my online portfolio, with its limit of 10 images. Is this relevant? Any ideas what is going on, what I need to do?

Anyone else having such roblems?


Newbie help with portrait studio set up.

I'm really interested in setting up a small home studio in my spare room. What would be the minimum lighting set up you guys would advise and back drops? I'm brand new to portraits but I need something interesting to shoot when my agoraphobia stops play for the day...week...month.
I've seen the £70 home studio set ups on amazon which are...

Getting back in the game, so to speak.

When I started doing photography roughly 8 years ago, it was for a studio doing portraits. I took a 2 year break after having my daughter and then went into doing nature photography (mainly because I didn't want to work for another studio). I've done some portrait photography (and wedding photography) here and there over the past 5 years but...

Black Backgrounds

My recent fishing boats posting looks terrible against the white page. So I clicked, hoping to see it against a black screen, as often happens, and always to great effect. However, I got it against a white screen, again and it continues to look over dark and dull. The white is killing it. Does anyone knowhow to solve this problem?


Golden Gate Sunset

This shot was taken this summer and i heard a lot about Baker beach with night view the night. There's a LOT of photographers with tripod there and it's a good way to talk with and share some tips, experiences :) It was nearly before the complete sunset and light on Golden Gate just started. I saw this powerful reflection with the sand and sea...