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My noob try on Headshot

Did this last month. Ligthing using 2 Yongnuo YN-560III flash in a 120cm Octobox and a reflector. Flash trigger by Yongnuo YN-560TX.
EXIF: 1/80s | f/8 | ISO 90 | FL 90
Post processing : LR minor adjustment, PS frequency separation for skin correction.

Appreciate your comments


Here is some basic street shots that I captured of the police.

Beat the Heat

Here is the new version of the photo, after I received some suggestions from @Joe Watson

Nasser Ali
Beat the Heat

Wish to hear some comments on my latest composite photo. Thanks :)

- Enjoying the Summer -

Whenever I go outside, I imagine myself like this. Laying down on a...

What Should You Be Shooting?

Have you ever wondered what genre you are best suited for photographing? It is incredibly hard to take an objective view of our own work. Sometimes we create images but we don't quite know what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Post a link in here to your profile, or attach a few samples of work, and let us all give you our unbiased...

Use of your photos on your portfolio?

I am very new to shooting photos at weddings - and wondering if you use your photos on your portfolio without asking to use them?

In a way the customer has bought the photos and feel that there now are their property and in the same way I think they still are mine to use. but people might not be ok with me posting their picture...

Fitness superstar Cynthia Benoit is really super strong!

For this shoot, I wanted to illustrate the strength of Cynthia (a professional fitness athlete) , I did it by compositing this image. In her hand, she's lifting just the bar, which was no easy task to maintain, even if it's just 45 lbs. Then I photographed the bar plus 6 plates (total of about 350 lbs). I'm happy with my result :)

I had...

Grilled Chicken Taco Salad

Hello Everyone,

This is a follow on assignment for one of our restaurant clients, in the development of their new menu. Unlike our standard shooting workflow of briefly intercepting an actual guest plate going out (about 20-30 seconds), the four new menu items we completed, had no waiting guests. At the instruction of the owner, we ate...

Help me Photoshop my new series

As you may or may not know, for the last 4 months Patrick and I have been traveling around the world with Elia Locardi filming our next tutorial on all things landscape and travel photography. During this 4-5 month period, I never shaved. I let my beard grow to an obnoxious length and finally last week I was able to shave it all off. I had a...

Can your share your comments with me?

Hi everyone! I'm really trying to improve my headshot skills so I thought I could ask you for some comments on these pictures! For info, I shoot with 2 lights, clamshell lighting set up. One of the questions I have: Wouldn't it be better to use just one key light and use the second one to light the background? Any comment appreciated, thanks in...

Street photography in Liverpool?

Does anyone out there shoot street photography in Liverpool? If so, what are your favourite 'image rich' hot spots?

If you don't know Liverpool, it's a great city, full of character and colour. I'm running a street photography workshop in Liverpool in late August if anyone is interested. Full details on the website: http://www....