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Exterior Shoot

I had an exterior shoot over this past weekend. I bracketed +2 over the course of sunset and blue hour. I then added a few flash pops to bring some light back in the trees.

It was all manually composited in photoshop and refined in lightroom with a few finishing edits.

I captured the image using a Canon 6D, 17-40 F4, Mini TT5/...

Savory Salmon - "Cover Out!"

We shoot a restaurant clients actual, ticketed food going out to one of their guests. Out process momentarily diverts the plate for approximately 20 seconds.

In that time we will (with the chef's advanced plating assistance), both lightly style, and light in a complementary way at the shooting table.

Just three shots, it's still...

Road Burners

Hi Guys,

I shot this image a few days ago of my buddies.
I added the sky and lava effects in post. The gear used were a Nikon D800 with a 50mm f/1.4 at 1/250th, f/11 ISO 500.
Here's a short video explaining the thought process behind the image:

C&C most welcomed as I would love to...

Any Tips on Growing your Following on IG?

I've read a lot of articles about booting followers on Instagram and have been following the recommendations. Mainly those about being more interactive like commenting on more pictures and liking other pages. It did help, but only to a certain extent. Any other tips? Maybe about posting at certain times or using the right hashtags? Here's a...

There is something about water...

that really attracts me to a landscape scene. I came to realize this about a year ago when reviewing portfolio images. Right now 21 of 36 images feature water in some way. Most of those have water as a predominate feature.

Sometimes it's moving, sometimes its mirror still.

What are your thoughts on featuring water in landscape/...

Bed Sheets

hi all!! one of my Video Fashion that never get me tired!! you can find here in my portfolio:

Claudio Carraro
Bed Sheets Video of Bed Sheets

what do you think??

Autumn and Winter Fashion Catalog Covers

I got a look at two catalogs I have shot this year that are coming out soon. I regularly shoot the fashion images for my client New Look by Simplicity which creates and publishes sewing patterns for beginning and advanced sewers to select and use to create their own fashions at home. We shoot fashion models wearing hand-made samples of the...

The Perfect fit

Nowadays it takes around 12 minutes and 50 seconds to produce the average pair of jeans. Well, it took us 11 hours to create our version of the ideal pair of jeans… and that was only the part of them! Here is our story of searching for a perfect behind and painting the perfect jeans on it in order to create a perfect commercial.

The full...

GH4 Silent

I have the Panasonic GH4 which I mostly use for it's filming capabilities. However, I'd like to take more stills with it and was curious about its silent mode. There are many advantages to this, but I was wondering, are there any disadvantages to it not using the mechanical shutter?
Ps hope its okay I'...

Working like a Dog

Dear Fstoppers, I did this shot on the weekend, it was made by 2 Flashes - 1 Elinchrom in Octa 69 for screen light, and Mola dish in Profoto b1 with 25º degree.
Nikon D750 - Sigma Art Lens 50mm - f/3.6
You can see the BTS, and my awesome light diagram here:



Playing with more Jelly

Photography : Marcos Domenech
MuaH : Noriko Okamoto
Photography Assistant : Aya Tanaka
Model : Aya Tanaka
Model : Alice

Marcos Domenech