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How much ceiling / floor to include in the frame on interior shots for real state work?

I have started doing real estate / architectural photography recently. I have a couple of year's experience shooting landscapes (is how I got started in photography) so exterior shots are not too much of an issue. I also have experience using multiple lights in a studio doing portrait work so lighting interior shots is not as complicated. Where...

natural light through the eyes of a beginer

I started shooting portrait about 6 month ago.everything I know I learn myself from books,online videos and reading some of the articles from
I only joined fstoppers recently and of course this is the first time i'm posting in here.if you have the time I will appreciate if you tell me your opinions and most of all what can I...

Looking for some CC

This is like a mile from my house. I woke up one morning to this perfect storm and had to get a shot of it! I didn't have a lot of time so I went to a spot just behind and my house and it turned out way better than what I thought it would. I want to know what people who are not my Facebook friends think of this one. Please let me know!! I'll...

Third Attempt at Headshots

Headshots are not exactly my "thing", but I've been told that any photographer worth his or her weight needs to be able to take a decent headshot. So this is my third attempt at headshots. The first two were not good, so I didn't feel like they should be subject to review because I knew they were bad. This is the first one I'm actually ok with...

Mount Cook New Zealand

Hi Guys, this is one of my first posts on fstoppers, and my first post here. This image is a frame from a day to night time-lapse I shot looking towards Mount Cook in New Zealand. It was certainly a magical evening that night! Exif data is listed under the image for those who are interested.

Still life photography

I always just photographed people and pets...untill I met Sandra Rossouw on Redbubble...she is an artist of still life and a inspiration and Muse! Capital letter "Muse" she does magic and inspires you to do better and better! If you look at her art you will know what I mean...
Please let me see what you can do...I want to be inspired!!!