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Burned Artistry

I shot this amazing photo a few months ago when I traveled to New Orleans. It was a gloomy day and as I was passing on the tram I immediately hopped off and ran back to this building. It was a terrible sight to see and i hope no one was seriously injured. But the art behind it all brought this structure back to life through my lens. Enjoy!

Studio Look On Location

I was out shooting with a musician/model named Caitlyn here in Nashville the other day for some of her promotional material when we stumbled on this really cool orange wall that I thought would really be great for her to use. The positive of the location was that the sun was coming through the gap in the wall to provide a really amazing hair...

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine, our first, FUN attempt on a commercial image. As the subject We used a custom bottle with our Photography Logo on it (bottles of wine we give out to Vip Clients as Thank Yous For there Business). Three Flashes, 2 pointed at the white background and 1 at the bottle with a Mag Sphere. Of course a fast shutter speed, about a F11 for...

High On Fashion

Worked on this project a couple years back now, I loved the photos in Black and White. It gave the photo a warm soft touch in my opinion. I managed to set up the props myself also. I had minimal space to work with and was losing the natural sunlight which broke through the French door. Enjoy and inspire!

Elephant Rock

If you're ever visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, then you'll want to make sure you have enough time to travel about an hour north to visit the Valley of Fire State Park. The park is filled with some absolutely incredible views!! This feature, aptly named Elephant Rock, is just one of the many things to see there!