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...nella mia cucina..

primi scatti di un mio nuovo progetto riguardante la Food-Photography, cercare di creare con la fotografia la magia e la luce che si vedono in alcuni quadri di pittori Olandesi, o almeno ci provo!!!!
Grazie per chi lascerà un giudizio e mi potrà dare consigli per migliorare la mia fotografia

Seeking career advice from the pros

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this post is appropriate here. If not, I apologize. I am 30 yo and have been working in the humanitarian field for a few years now but I have always have a yearning in my heart for photography.

Is it too late for me to build a career in travel photography? What advice would you have for someone wanting...

WANTED: L Lenses

Hello All,

I am looking into purchasing some L lenses. I am about to purchase a 17-40mm F/4L for $450, and the same person may also sell me their 24-105 F/4L for a similar price.

I am looking both for advice on what L lenses (or other very high quality lenses) would make a good lens for the beginning photographer for a low price,...

setting up e-commerce solutions

Hello All,

Quick question for you:

I am starting to get wedding jobs, and I need to start thinking about ways to set up private galleries and ways to sell prints to family/friends. What do people use? My site is a WP site, and I can set up password protected galleries and then set up e-commerce back ends. But for where I am now,...

Bride & Groom Portrait

I'm always looking to try something different. Even though this picture has been done thousands of times. For me its always been the vail completely over the bride & grooms heads. I tried this approach and was very pleased with the outcome and final result.

I used the Sony A7RII with the Sony Z 55mm f/1.8

I triggered the...

Would welcome some Critique

Hi everyone, I have only been making photographs for the past 9 months and have come to really appreciate street photography as a genre.

Any constructive critique would be greatly welcomed