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Homeless old lady in Paris with her pet cat

Hi guys, not the glamorous portrait we're used to on here but me and my girlfriend went to Paris last week (We left the day after the attack). Did a lot of street photography and on our travels we came across this elderly lady with her very friendly cat. I put the change I had on me in her cup and took a shot.

As this is the real life...

Natural Light Retouching

After watching Dani Diamond's tutorials over and over again on natural light photography and retouching, I have really come to love shooting without strobes. It feels like starting photography all over again but with a reward of knowing what I am doing.

Below are before and after images of Meagan, my muse.

Canon EOS 6D

Frustration thy name be photography.

Here in the UK the weather has been horrible this weekend but today its mostly just the wind, not much rain. I had a shot in mind for this sort of conditions so this morning I was at the location a full hour before the blue hour started with the idea of taking multiple exposures over the next few hours and blending together later. The winds...

New Member

Hi everyone,

My name is Diarmuid from Ireland

I have just joined F Stopper less than an hour ago, so im just looking around snooping and finding my way.
Of course i would jump into my favourite style of photography in the landscape groups.

Here is my first upload, i hope ye all like it.

New edit of old photo...

I really love this image and the Earthen color palette it offers, it was taken back in 2011 before I started shooting RAW (long story) and the post processing and retouching I did on this image back then wasn't really all that good, so I decided to give it another go and would love to hear your CC especially of things I could do to make the...