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Long time Fstopper, first time group post

I've been a long time lurker in the Fstoppers community and figured it was time for to get more involved. I'm a 20 year old photographer and DP based out of the LA area and I've been pursuing photography actively for the last couple years.
Here's a shot from one of my most recent test photoshoots. I always appreciate input from other...

Racing Porsche 911

Hey guys!

Recently, my partner and I were able to shoot the Vintage Racing Nationals in Austin, Texas. This was my first racing event and I was surprised how tricky it was to pan and still capture the moving vehicle in focus!

Please leave comments and constructive criticism below! ☺☻


My very first post... just joined the fstoppers community! I LOVE dramatic lighting, and I'm always looking for inspiration and ways to improve.

This image is a personal favorite from a recent high school senior session. Two strip lights, main with grid, smaller strip as kicker. Background is white vinyl because it's wider than my gray...

Job Pricing

I know job pricing can vary greatly depending on where you live, but what would might ball park figure be to shoot a hotel room? Also, i have a friend who does high end kitchen and bath design and i need to come up with a price for shoot 1 or 2 shots of a bathroom and or kitchen.

thank you

Three speedlight setup

Photo of my granddaughter using three speedlights, two were placed in 24"X24" Godox softboxes, main was speedlight with umbrella, all speedlights were Shanny SN600N, Nikon D610 with Tamaron 70mm-200mm f2.8. The two softboxes were placed behind and to the side of subject.