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Saablenial Falcon

I wanted to create this collage with a feeling of being out in the Country taking a break from stretching out the cars legs. One of the images does have a distracting tree though. These will be worked on as I take other photos to use as backdrops. I like the angles and overall how the car itself came out.
CC is always welcomed.

Comedy Portrait

I was asked to photograph a local comedian for some promo material. I am decently happy with this. I used a grid spot for the lighting, but think I could have done a little better getting his face lit. It was very windy, so using bigger modifiers was not really an option.

Rain rain please stay

Most other things I do in life I despise the rain. But I will always take advantage of the light rain for photography. The light and the colors always seem to pop so well in the wet conditions. Shot in Reno Nevada with a canon 5dmkiii with a canon 85mm 1.8 at f2.0

Photographer In Seattle Needed


I'm a photographer who moonlights as a producer between the hours of 9 and 5. I am looking for an event photographer this spring to shoot a corporate event in the Seattle areas. We are looking for a local. Is any one in the group in the Seattle are or have anyone they can recommend that lives in the Seattle area? Thank you!...

Dry Riverbed

Large animals in Africa are endangered from a new threat - drought. From Ethiopia to South Africa, regular sources of water are disappearing. These giraffes and white rhinos in South Africa are finding shrinking tiny puddles as their only source of water in what was a large healthy river, now a dry riverbed.