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Introduction Post

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. Finally decided to create an account on Fstoppers.
My name is Kirby Hines, currently living in New Hampshire, originally Ohio.
I'm currently the photographer for Simon Pearce doing everything from product to lifestyle photography for them.
Always up for...


A black-white conversion of a picture I took during the FIA Historic Masters, at the circuit of Zolder (Belgium).
Due to problems, this car (a Lola T70Mk3b) had been towed to the pit box. I liked the way the race car was positioned in an almost empty pit box.
By choosing a lower point of view, I tried to capture the car in a big...

Can you keep a secret.

Something simple I did at the studio... Practicing light setup with models... One of the things I do often... Replaced the BG.. part of the texture of the wall and flour is from the original BG. Even in this "practice" shots I try always to tell a story.... Is not a complete story, but seeing the symbols in it gives you a start point to create...

Stranded in a pit box

A shot (converted to black-white), made during the FIA Historic Masters at the circuit of Zolder (Belgium).
The race car had been towed to an almost empty pit box.
The big box, almost empty with just a race car and some equipment, the decoration of the pit box and a low point of view seemed to work well for this capture...


Hey guys ! I was bored so I decided to make some selfie :P

No flash use only natural light, I took this portrait with a canon 24-105 f4 L and a Canon 70 d give me dome feed back .

If you love my pictures follow me on isntagram @alexeos_2411

Seeking direction

Taking the initiative to try to establish a "style" of my own, I started a personal project that I call The Music Makers Portrait Project.
It involves the travel to and photographing of musical instrument makers all across the province.

I shoot them all in the same basic style of lighting and composition, which is loosely based on...