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Being Part of a Larger Campaign

Having connected with many brands small and large on various projects and shoots I find the campaign work the most engaging. If your goal is to get a larger reach, which many of us want, then using larger brands might be the way to do that. Having made a few connections with larger companies such as General Electric, Daniel Wellington Watches...

What a good wedding assistant looks like

Being a good wedding assistant isn't easy. You need to be sociable with the client and guests, accommodating to the main photographer, a good team player, eager to learn and help out, and if you are a second shooter you also need to be a pretty proficient photographer as well.

Being a good solid photographer means you aren't fumbling...

Recent work and question

Hello everyone, I've been working on headshots part-time for a couple of years now and have even had a few repeat clients. While I do the occasional studio shoot, I have always preferred location work, and working with natural light (augmented by reflectors and a bit of kicker flash). I work alone and like to be mobile, so while I absolutely...

Personal/Business Websites!

I thought it would be a good idea to have a Post featuring everyone's websites, so feel free to post away!

Also I am looking to make my own in the near future, so if anyone has any tips on successful design, feel free to let me know; although I do have a basic knowledge, experience from others is always a great way for me to learn...

Kitchen fire!

Hey guys, it's my first post in this group.
I've been a lead VFX artist in the game industry, working on many AAA titles for 12 years (including Splinter Cell, Army of Two, Deus Ex) ...I decided to go Pro photography last year! I'm still experimenting ;)
I incorporate sometimes visual effects in some compositions and here's one I...