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New Fstopper

Going out on a limb here with bringing my photos here but I feel like I need the critique, I haven't been shooting long but feel like some of my images have promise. Been watching a lot of the critiques posted up on youtube, and find that my style (if I could say I have one definitive style yet or if its worth a damn) is so dramatically...

Downhill with Smoke

This is the first image from a set of photos, were I created action sports images with smoke in the picture to highlight the rider and add some color to the image.
I took the picture in a forest in Germany with my 70-200mm lens. We put a smoke bomb under the jump and I added a strobe with a blue gel behind the rider to get some backlight...

Ugh, Another "Trash the Dress" Shoot?

Plus holi powder and homemade smoke bombs. I know, 2013 called and wants its trendy photo shoot concept back. Don't care, it was fun and everyone had a great time. Shot with bare Phottix Indra 500 and D750 w/ Sigma 70-200 2.8. Comments and critiques welcomed.

Cover Image Contest!

Hey Guys,
It's been a while! My activity on Fstoppers significantly decreased since my hiatus, but I'm glad to see that this group has continued to grow! My photo has been the group cover photo since the beginning but you guys have really made this group your own so I'd like to change that. Submit your best composite image in this post...

-My Version of 'Why so serious'

Being a creative, and with so many others, including writing. I started a series of self portraits every couple months to see how expression over time changes our features with age.

A self portrait, something to be remembered by? Not by expression, personality or appearance, but rather a form of existence to what you make matter to...

Envoirmental Nude Series

My goal was to create some shots of an in the nature integrated model on the beach and in the woods.
Please give me some thoughts to my results. May what do think about black and white conversion and how do you think I could improve my pictures in future. Thanks guys!