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External flash firing for beginners

Hi everyone! I am brand new to photography and am finally looking into kicking it up a notch from natural lighting & getting some artificial lights. As of now, I think I will be purchasing an Alien Bee strobe with a beauty dish, as well as a soft box, which I will either use with a speedlight or another Alien Bee strobe. I use an entry...

Perfect Timing! Perfect shot of The National in Singapore

I took this one couple of years ago in Singapore, during the performance of The National. Was super happy with this photo, since I did some homework before the show and studied the movement patterns of the band on the stage. I knew they gonna do this during the last song.
You can check more of my teams and my work here:

My 9yr old daughter is featured on Fujirumors!

My 9yr old daughter picked up her first camera when she was just 3 and hasn't stopped since. Over the last couple of years she's been on fashion & portrait shoots with me, trash the dress and even came along and shot the mountain bike World Cup. She's even had her work used by ThinkTank Photo for an advert. Last year a couple booked me who...

Blue Hues

Shot this with my new baja b6 and a beauty dish. It was my first time to use this light and my first time to do fashion shoot. This was not a commercial shoot. Thanks to my friend for being my model. Open for CC and hearing what you guys think.

Heaven on Earth

I have admired other photographer's photos of Lake Louise for so long, then I finally had the opportunity to see it and make photographs of it myself. It has been an amazing experience!
Taken with the Xpro2 + 10-24mm
Lee Big Stopper
Lee 0.9 Soft Grad Filter
Formatt Hitech Firecrest Polarizer

" Silent "

" Silent"

I really Enjoy experiment , so in this last photo shoot i create this concept , where i try a mixture of Beauty ,Darkness and Organic materials where its blends with the Skin.

Thks to Talented team, to make it possible.

Fine Art Photography: Marcos Domenech
Model: Chelsea
Makeup: Mami Abe

CC is welcome

Am a beginner with DLSR and landscape photography, but I rather like this picture of Gruyère on a misty wintry day.
Let me know what you think.

For the technical part: Nikon D750 f/8 1/160 105mm iso160 and with just the minimum processing in LR as it was shot in raw, and as I prefer to keep my pictures as close as possible to SOOC...