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New to fstoppers

Hey guys, I'm new to this whole fstoppers setup but really wanting to learn and improve, I love my automotive photography and really want to master light painting. This is my latest shot, I'm happy but I have a few questions I'd like everyone's opinion on. 1. When I'm painting you can see the reflection of the light source often in the...

New to Fstoppers / Photography

I'm what most would consider a newbie to photography. Been shooting in my spare time for the past 2 years. I've been a professional musician for the past 18 years and decided to take my photography hobby more seriously. Have a look at my short portfolio here or my website. Any comments/critiques are welcome.

Remote Shutter Control as Second Photographer

Hi everybody, a couple days ago I got my Satechi WTR and because most of the time I shoot alone, I will try to shoot the first view in a wedding using my second camera as second photographer but this time the camera is going to take the pictures by itself with the Satechi WTR , also I will try a delay of 2 seconds and at least 30 photographs....

Richard II

Hello, again . . .

Ian McCann had said," I would be interested to know if you have any other versions, with less fill from below, to add further impact." So, I presumed to share another version of my friend, Richard. As always, additional comments and/or feedback is (are) welcome.


Baby Curls & Blue Eyes

I don't shoot much portrait but love this shot of my son from this weekend. I have the non L Canon 85mm 1.8 and have a love/hate relationship with it. The min focal distance of almost 3 ft seems to be my biggest challenge. But the dreamy 1.8 rocks
It's been split toned quite a bit, but I though it had a little magic.
First post in...

Toy transport

It's been a while since I joined this amazing website and enjoyed those great pics from pros and finally couldn't stop myself from posting my images. Your comments are welcome.
I m a huge fan of mobile photography and uploaded image is taken from MI4 and post processed in Snapseed.


Well...I've always loved the light that comes in from my window across my bed but have only put it to use somewhat recently. Here is a before (first image) and after (second image) of an image I took yesterday with just this natural light.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about my work, so feel free to critique it as...

Wild Boar Burger - Before and After

So, I was asked to show a before and after of a shot I did thats on my portfolio page. I had posted up there earlier but wasn't happy with the post processing. I thought it would also be educational to see a straight up RAW image out of the camera, and a post-production images as well. Let me know what y'all think!


New to the group..

Hello All,
I'm in Colorado Springs, CO and have been shooting underwater for 3 summers. I still find getting the correct exposure/metering to be the most difficult - any tips would be greatly appreciated!
-The first image was from last summer
- The bride was from 2 weeks ago. I absolutely loved shooting/outcome on a black...