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Welcome to the Atlanta Collective

Atlanta is a city rich with artistic talent. This is a meeting place for all of those people. It is my vision for this to be a place where we can come to gether and help each other learn and grow as well as collaberate with one another. As you join this group leave an intro post so we can better get to know one another.

My name is Matt...

Would like some feedback and possible advice

Hi! I'm Viktoriia and I am just starting to learn photography. I love it, but as all novices I often get stuck because I still don't know a lot of tricks. My dream is travelling and I want to choose the direction of a travel photographer. I tried for the first time to shoot some landscapes in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and some city...

Autumn Waterfall

This shot was taken at Rocketts Glen State Park in Eastern PA. There are over 20 large waterfalls in the park which can easily be seen in a day hike. The access to the falls is very good, allowing for unique and creative compositions. This is one was shot during my visit there this past Oct.

After the Storm

Hello all! I am new to the community but I have read a lot of the posts and seen almost all the fstoppers youtube videos. I am really looking forward to the growth that will come from being a part of such a great community.
This is my first post.
This shot was captured on a recent trip to the North Carolina mountains on Hazel Creek...