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Bixa, Mexican Restaurant

Hi, I been doing some food photography for 2 years now, and would like a critique about this set .

when I made these images , I had the idea of ​​showing a little about the restaurant atmosphere , in some images i made to versions one closer to the dish.

sorry about my english, and Thanks !

Looking to improve

Good day, everyone!

New to the community and looking for pointers and advice to further hone my skillset.

I went to an open house at a studio which had a massive window wall facing east. During the late morning/early afternoon I utilized the natural light and the shadows from the window frames in hopes of furthering the...

Potomac sunset with cherry blossoms

I shot this on the Potomac River near East Potomac Park. The Japanese cherry blossom trees were at their peak bloom. I had scouted the area a few days before and decided that this would be a good spot to shoot the sunset framed by the branches of the flowering cherry trees. I set up my tripod with a wide angle lens on my camera and waited for...

First post here

Hi guys
I've been doing about a year of serious automotive shooting but I'm definitely not at the level I want to be yet (amateur compared to the rest of you here). I'm on a few facebook automotive photography groups and most of the photos I see, the cars are always super lit up and smooth (either metallic or glossy). I've been trying for...

Hotel Shoot

Hey guys,

Recently I've been very busy trying to grow and improve my portfolio by getting myself into the hospitality sector. I've shot so far 4 hotels in total, one nicer than the other, with the last one being, in my opinion, a very glamorous one and very tastefully designed, or that's just me because I love gold in basically anything...


I shot this photo of a good friend and her little boy over the weekend. This was supposed to be a wedding dress photo, but when she went to put her dress on she was devastated to find that it would no longer fit. I told her not to feel bed, that kind of thing happens after you have a kid. So I offered to do a family session and make the best of...