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Dreamy romantic look on wedding photos

Hello there! I have question about some special technique used in wedding photography called : dreamy romantic look. I saw it many many many times on hi-end wedding photos, I hope you too - because its everywhere. Does anybody know how to simulate this post process in PS or LR ? Iam attaching some link:…/romantic-...

Would love some CC on these headshots :)

Would love some CC on these headshots. Is the DoF a bit too narrow, should the light be a bit more harsh, is the colors good? :) I went for a cinematic style, the filmlook, which also explains the crop of 16x9. I've also added a little noise to give it a bit more edge :)

Shoot in the forest

This is my firs post here, well the first one was the introductoin to myself, but in this one I want to share some photos of one of my lastest photoshoots.
It took place in the forest with a beautiful model and a long white dress.

Hope you like it!

(sorry if my English is not perfect, I´m still studying to...

Strobes lighting recommendations

I Currently I want to buy Strobe Lighting,
I have a budget of $ 2500
I want something that I can use for some time.
And have some light modifiers and can be used in field without being connected to a wall,
Any recommendations?

The Future, Year 2013

hi guys, sharing you this image i took way back 2013, and my first post to this group.:)
hope you like it. Thank you!

Sherwin Magsino
The Future, year 2013

Emily Valdez

We (Thrashonistas set out last night to create some personal work with model Emily Valdez that wasn't complicated. Just clean, simple, and straight forward. We were super excited with the results. More to come from this on our blog,

Photographers - Thrashonistas
Model - Emily...

My new Concert portfolio

This weekend ive cleaned up my concert portfolio...

Fetching image ...

Fetching image ...

Fetching image .....