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La Jolla Beach Sunset - San Diego, California

Fraser Almeida
La Jolla Beach Sunset - San Diego, California

Here's a beautiful sunset I was able to capture while out in La Jolla, San Diego, California this past labor day weekend. Very popular place with lots of people around. It was hard to find a composition without someone in it. Taking...

Light Painting Orb

This picture was taken using the steel wool method to create the light painting orb. Editing use light room only. The picture was taken under these setting ISO 200, Shutter Speed 25, F6.3 with a vogitlander 20 mm lens on a canon 7d.

Please kindly advice me on how to improve from the current setup or editing. Thanks

Bill with CVP here - some samples

Hi, Bill here with CVP. I am a portrait & glamour photographer.

Excited to see how this group develops. Thanks for creating it fstoppers :)

my primary glamour portfolio is:

and a few work samples :)

Hello All


I have been a part of this group for a short time now and decided that it's time to jump in. I currently do automotive photography as a hobby, but hope to move into the business world here soon. I have been doing it one year now, as of July.

I would love to hear what you think of the photos that I post!


guessing the light setup, male model

hi, i wonder if you can help me in guessing the lighting of this pic

i have to set up the same light to make a realistic photomontage and place another male subject next to that one

the shoulders appear pritty in shadow so the key light seems not...

New Tattoos!

One of the family's son is a Tattooed rockstar. Of course, the mother would prefer no tattoos at all! ;)
They were absolutely fantastic and that specific family was really easy to direct. It's not always the case! ;)
CC is welcomed.

Modern Kitchen with Bespoke fittings

I am slowly leaving the safety zone of the wide end of my 16-35 2.8 for some interior shots. It's hard though, when trying to capture as much detail as possible for real estate shoots. Kitchen surface reflections can be fun too, especially when vendors don't bother to clean them!

lighting on car

This is a shot of my jetta in my drive way. I know the backgrounds nothing special but if any of you have some critiquing of my lighting please share.