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I'm new to concert photography and so I would appreciate feedback on this shot. The colors were amazing, but I felt a black and white focused more on the subject, which is her passion for what she is singing.

Any feedback is welcome.

Chandler Parsons Dunk

I was going through my images picking out favorites for a printed portfolio, and thought I would share some of the shots here.

Andrew Richardson
Chandler Pasons Throws Down

Luxury Bath - Las Vegas Highrise Condo

Fraser Almeida
Luxury Bath - Las Vegas Highrise Condo

Here's a shot from a recent condo shoot I did in Las Vegas at the Panorama Towers. Had a blast shooting this property, this is one of the shots that I liked from the series. Originally this was not staged, just empty, what a difference the...

Critique The Community - Part 3.

I have just joined f-stoppers after watching two awesome episodes of Critique the community.
I was so sad that I discovered the program two late, and didn't get to submit an image.
Therefore I hope we can make our own little version, maybe Lee will even join in and give us some CC.

If this is totally out of place, I apologize...

Reception Lighting Set Ups

Just curious how different photographers set up for the reception of a wedding as I am still figuring out what I like and works best. Most recently I have been dragging my shutter a bit with on camera flash to show the energy and give the feel of motion around the dance floor (as the example I have shown) Though I am always attempting to grow...

Sexy Silhouette Door Shoot

Here's a concept I tried with just a model and a door. Was able to setup my lights and backdrop in a way to achieve these shots. I love how the light works great at setting the mood and showing the features of her body. The model Reina was great in posing, which allowed me to just focus on the captures. C & C always appreciated.

Morning Bridge

Hi guys first post ever new here so this shot I was a little inspired after watching Elia Locardi on Photographing the World behind the scenes on YouTube.

I'm actually fairly new to photography about 3 months or so in not sure where this new found passion will lead but I really enjoy it.

Little story about this shot is that I...

First Timer

Hi everyone,

New here to the site and to Photography in general. I've picked up some few tips and tricks and been practicing on my lovely (and patient) wife. Here's the shot.

Doha, Qatar

Hello, I'm Anthony, a landscape and travel photographer currently based in Qatar. You can view my photos at:

I originally intended to capture this scene with the sun rising at the background. Apparently, when I was framing my...

Street photography techniques: when someone says ‘NO!’

We’ve all been there. You’ve just taken possibly your best picture of the day and the subject says ‘No!’ – or ‘you can’t take my photo’. Fortunately, it happens very rarely but when it does, how should you react?

Well, let’s start with the legal standpoint. In almost all circumstances, provided your are on public land and not cause...

First rodeo

I visited my local fair and shot the rodeo for fun I have been contacted by some of the participants and they want to purchase my images and hope to see me at more rodeos in the future. Just wondering if any of you have photographed rodeos before and would this be a good step. Also is this the quality of work that people would want to purchase...

Strobes lighting recommendations

I Currently I want to buy Strobe Lighting,
I have a budget of $ 2500
I want something that I can use for some time.
And have some light modifiers and can be used in field without being connected to a wall,
Any recommendations?