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Hello everyone, I'm Josh. I've been coming to Fstoppers for some time now for the articles, and have finally decided to dive into the community.

I find myself always stumbling across some amazing work here, and hope to improve with all the knowledge here. Cheers!!

Aurora Borealis, Lofoten

Just arrived back in Copehagen from a 6 days trip to Lofoten in Norway and on my way to the airport we had the most beautiful Aurora Borealis and also my 2nd time to witness this two days in a row.

I would love some feedback. I'm not really good at mastering night photos and I don't know what else I can do regarding this image in...

Real Estate Photography in Costa Rica

My days are spent doing photography of all sorts but I find the Real Estate Stuff pays the bills in these parts. I've put a lot of time into learning but I feel I have a long way to go. My problem with shooting property is the fact that most clients aren't willing to pay for what is involved in taking a 20 layer photo so I've learned to bracket...

Photography reverse engineering

Hey Folks,

My question will seem stupid to many of you, but is there any way to "reverse engineer" a photo, I often come accross photos that I love and I would to replicate their effect and know how they were achieved (Curves, colors setting...).
From my understanding there is no way to do it, but you never know maybe there is a...

Most Recent Work - What do you think?

Hey all! So I got a lot of awesome feedback from my last photo I posted (Natural Light #4). The only complaint was the eyes were over done, which I agree. But aside from that it looked like a lot of you guys liked the photo and edit which I greatly appreciate. Which brings me to the next topic, here's my most recent work and I was wondering...

Fallen angel

this is part of a series I shot with her called "fallen angel".
this one was taken in a bar at sunset (took a bit of convincing to let us take over it for about 30 minutes)
a combination of natural light and 2 Elinchrom ranger quadra heads.


I only spotted the reflection when I went back to the car to change lens just as the breeze died down. I quickly got Aoife to the end of the pier and took a few shots. Ambient light only. CC welcome :)