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Well...I've always loved the light that comes in from my window across my bed but have only put it to use somewhat recently. Here is a before (first image) and after (second image) of an image I took yesterday with just this natural light.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about my work, so feel free to critique it as...

Wild Boar Burger - Before and After

So, I was asked to show a before and after of a shot I did thats on my portfolio page. I had posted up there earlier but wasn't happy with the post processing. I thought it would also be educational to see a straight up RAW image out of the camera, and a post-production images as well. Let me know what y'all think!


Storm is Coming.... (cc / feedback)

Hey everyone,

Looking to get some constructive criticism / feedback on this shot of mine. Still working a little on it.

Shot with Canon T2i
Single Exposure
Lightroom / Photoshop / Nik

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

New to the group..

Hello All,
I'm in Colorado Springs, CO and have been shooting underwater for 3 summers. I still find getting the correct exposure/metering to be the most difficult - any tips would be greatly appreciated!
-The first image was from last summer
- The bride was from 2 weeks ago. I absolutely loved shooting/outcome on a black...

introduction of myself

wonderful works here in this group.
i am a professional wedding photographer based in Adelaide, south Australia.

i am now wanting to get into underwater photography.

i have the canon 5d3 and numerous L lenses. i am thinking of using the 16-35LII in the water for underwater portrait.

can anyone kindly suggest...

Intro of myself

Hey guys - I'm getting into underwater photography and video. Tried an Outex case for my D800 and ended up sending it back (leaked both times trying to use it). Ended up buying a Nikon One AW1 and took it for a test run yesterday for the first time. Really liking it. The IQ doesn't match my D800 obviously but the other pros really outweigh that...

Be Happy

Challenged myself to create interesting images using only LR global adjustments (I did allow for the removal some acne)

Brand new just introducing myself

im a photographer/dancer from las vegas i primary work with dancers and performers given them updated promo material here in vegas , i also do a lot of live events here as well, but just wanted to share some work , i have to say the work on this site is super high level, but its inspiring to see what i can continue building towards...

My first studio test shoot

Hey Everyone,

I'd been itching to get into the studio in my office building for some personal work for a while. Last month, I asked some friends of mine—one of whom is a fantastically talented photographer himself—if they'd be open to helping me out. I'm fortunate enough to work in a place where I have access to not only a space to...

Giorgio Litt Photography

Hey gents,

I came across your youtube channel a few months ago, and I love your style. I'm an LA based photographer and filmmaker, and I thought I'd submit this sample for critique.


Film Noir Self Portrait

Playing around with lighting to create more dramatic portraits and combining this with my fondness of Film Noir, I came up with this self portrait, which bears homage to images of Orson Welles as a story teller, which was in my mind when I set up this capture.
CC very welcome and appreciated

First Two

Good morning everyone,

I heard about the site after catching the videos on You Tube and I am a big fan already. I've had my camera for about 2 months now after being inspired at the Philadelphia Guild Fine Art Festival. I am just looking for some feedback on two of my early photographs that seem to be a favorite of family, friends and...