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Dock of the bay.

I shot this on Rehoboth Bay in Delaware about 10 or 15 minutes after sunset. I had scouted out this spot earlier in the day and hoped for a good sunset. Things worked out better than I could have hoped. I've found that, under the right conditions, the sky a few minutes after sundown will momentarily fill with intense color and then fade and...

Landscape in Bad Weather

I live in Ireland where we can get four seasons in one day. Usually I look out the window and see dull lifeless skies during Sunset. So the other day I decided the hell with it, I'm gonna grab my camera and if nothing else head to the beach and go for a walk. When I got there the sunset had nothing going on, no dramatic colours in the sky, the...

Recent seniors

I have been shooting weddings and families for years but just recently started making senior portraits. It'd be great to get a little constructive feedback on these. Thanks!

New Zeiss Otus 28 mm f/1.4

I rarely get excited about new gear anymore, but this lens looks very promising for architecture, especially interiors. I've found 28-35mm to be a sweet spot for interior vignettes, partial room shots, etc, so this beast should fit the bill perfectly if it performs as well as they promise. Thoughts?

Out of camera effect


I went out for a walk along the beach and tried capturing a different angle of these palm trees. This is almost straight out of camera, with only a few minor contrast adjustments in Lightroom, no Photoshop. The long exposure gave nice movement in the leaves and there was a light source about twenty feet behind the trees. It almost...

New photographer - comfy house

Hi! I'm very new photographer here at fstoppers community. I work and live here in Finland and do shoot real-estates for a living. Here are few photos from house that I shot for the client, purpose of selling this house. I only use lightroom to adjust my photos, no bracketing or etc. I would be more than happy to hear some good or bad critique...

2015 Mustang GT

I haven't had a chance to shoot much but I took these a while ago while back in the states for a couple weeks. My girl friend and I went out to Red Rock, NV for a nice cruise.

Shot with Sony A6000 | Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART | Manual Focus