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Issue with uploading images

Hi guys

I have already been in contact with the support here on Fstoppers, but it seems like they have a hard time figuring out what causing this issue.

When I create a new post in a group in the community section and then choose to upload an image to the post I get stuck. When I click the "Upload Images" button and select a photo...


Hi, everyone! My name is Bartosz Morawski and I'm vfx supervisor and a photographer based in Warsaw Poland. Fstoppers is so cool that it can not be me here! Hello! Here is a photo of my bike done some time ago. Cheers!

A short note on CC in this group

Hey y'all,

First off I want to say everyone that is participating in this group is doing an awesome job with making this a great community to share landscape/nature images and ask questions.

One concern that was brought to my attention is that while we see a lot of posts asking for CC on their images here, it doesn't necessarily...

3m reflective material

Good Afternoon guys
Im an amateur photographer and I've been asked to shoot a new line of clothes that incorporate 3M (reflective material) into there clothes. Can someone assist me on lighting techniques in studio that will make the 3m shine like below?

I have been able to achieve it using my iphone , because i notice the flash...

Bolivian Girl

Snapped a shot of this little girl in Bolivia that I found. I moved the photo to my phone via wifi and touched it up in the Instagram app. I want to try to copy the edits that I did but in Lightroom on my computer to be able to keep the larger file version and not the IG output.

Any comments?