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The ROI in Glamour Photography...

I love to shoot Glamour, but getting clients in this area, at least for non-commercial is near impossible in my area where I have to compete with female clients always preferring a female photographer and the female photographers obviously use that to their advantage. My only option is to shoot for publications as stock or assignment, even then...

Best Wedding Presets???

So, I wanted to be a Wedding Photographer...

My wish came true and now I'm shooting quite a few weddings. Fun right? Well, yeah, it is, but OMG I have soooooooo much editing to do, ALL THE TIME!!! I'm trying to save time and presets would be an awesome starting point. I'd use them to set the mood in the photos and then tweak, if required...

Shoots with Unplanned Results

Hey guys! I tried to title this one as judiciously as possible haha. Back when you guys were all new and not as great as you currently are, how did you handle shoots that didn't come out as expected? On a recent shoot I tried out something a little elaborate but it didn't come out as planned, for a variety of reasons. It was just a TFP gig...


Hello, Jose here. I am a portrait & fashion photographer based in Switzerland.

Excited to see how this group develops. Thanks for creating it fstoppers & Nino:)

Sometimes I do something with a touch of glamour but it's more to have a try.
a few work samples

Headshot Customer Service

Hey all, I have a few questions for you guys related to headshot customer service. When you do head shots, how many pictures do you normally deliver to the client? Do you allow them to see the pre-edited images to choose which ones you'll edit or do you pick for them and edit those? How long do you tell clients it will take before you return...

Finding the Right Models for Fashion, tips?

I've been getting more into fashion. But been having a very difficult time finding the models that give that fashion feel, like 5'8+. Can you or have you done any fashion images with shorter models? If so, please share the images and your experience on trying to make the image look and feel like a fashion image.

What's going on with editorial celebrity portraits? - Or - How to make bobble heads.

There is something strange that exists in the world of high-end editorial cover photography and I would like to get to the bottom of it.

It's often there, in the back of my subconscious when passing by magazine covers in the supermarket. There's something not quite right; something strange and surreal about these celebrity photos. If you...

Hello from Dallas!

I'll be shooting for two years, 90% of my port I shot it with a T3i, recently I upgraded it to a 6D. Just enjoying photography and trying to be a little better every day :)

Justin Roux
Hump Day is the best day of the week!

Justin Roux