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New to site.

Hey all Scott here from Australia, just joined up tonight and been watching a few critique videos on youtube and have found them very informative.

I would love some critique on a recent image that I have taken, sorry about the watermark I am working from my laptop and it has the watermarked copies on it.

Yesterday I shot my last wedding

I've been a professional wedding photographer for around 11 years now. Wedding photography has allowed me to live an amazing life and has given me the free time to do other things (like create Fstoppers). Over the past few years I've been shooting less and less weddings.

Wedding photography doesn't excite me the same way that it used to...

Husband Seeking Advice For Wife

Hello Fstoppers!! Before I begin, I know I am breaking the cardinal rule of not overstepping my boundaries when it comes to my wife, but I am. My wife has been doing photography professionally now for about 3 years. Some of her work I think is really good, while some of it I think could us some work. I also am her second shooter when needed (I...

California Based Photog

Hey group, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a San Francisco Bay Area California landscape and architectural photographer. I'm self-taught and have been shooting for about a year now. Looking forward to learning new techniques and ideas.

I attached my favorite shot of the Golden Gate Bridge with intense fog. Also, published in...

Pentax-A 35mm f/2: Is this lens really that rare?

My hand-me-down Pentax SuperProgram came with a Pentax-A 35mm f/2 lens attached. I'm in the process of getting rid of some gear and decided to look it up. According to the internets, it's a somewhat rare and sought after lens, so I figured I'd ask some folks who would probably know. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Here's a link...

Practice needed


It's been a while since I've been on Fstoppers and I'd like to make use of this platform to get a little collaboration projects.

I want to practice my retouching skills since I haven't been doing much commercial photography and also I'm done retouching my old photos.

So if anyone has any nice pictures, preferably...


I love using just 1 speedlite, I do have more than 1 but the impact and drama you can achieve with just one is great.
As the great John Loengard would say - "If you want something to look interesting, don't light all".
With hundreds of different types of modifiers and light sources the effects you can achieve with just one flash...