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New to Fstoppers

Hello everyone my name is Jose Pineda I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona and I'm just getting into photography and would really love to hear some feedback of what I can do to improve my skills. Thanks all.

Thoughts on Highlight

Was playing around with this whiskey shot over the weekend and the highlight on the glass is driving me a little nuts. I'm looking for thoughts on how else to light this to avoid that really harsh highlight from the stripbox.

Venue asking for images

Shot a wedding recently and the venue manager asked for some images of the venue to put up on their Facebook page website etc. He did not mention anything about money and it was obvious in the way he was asking that he wanted them for free. My question is how can I show him the images (via the internet) without him being able to keep the images...

The end of the world

Hi everyone, composition of 33 different stock images, plus a portrait of myself taken in a warehouse with my character/costume for a post-apocalyptic LARP which I tediously cut out :)

Fashion photography

Hey guys, I m new in site but I m doing photography currently and I would like to know how to get those stunning magazines image of GQ,vogue etc. And are they possible if you don't have any lighting and to do it in natural light.Also I would like to how to get those warm skin tones in Photoshop. Pls help...

How to stop the d*mn spambots


As I am sure you all know, instagram is FILLED with thousands of spam accounts advertising to get you instagram famous or thousands of followers. I keep getting these bots to comment, like my photos, tag me, etc, and when I go to block them, it seems as though I lose followers or get less traffic to my posts. Is there any way...

Bright Saber for fill

I used a bright saber (ice wand type light) to add some fill to this low sun pic. Had to get pretty close and sun was quite low. Worked well for that though. Curious what the new Yongnuo will be like.

Another Porsche photograph.

At least on eof you guys like my previous posting, my frst and also a Porsche, so here goes for more in the same vane.

As always please feel free to CC or to vsit my portfolio and to mark any of my pictures.

Cows in a blizzard

Hi folks. I'm using this winter to really explore more personal work (read: non-weddings) so I took a stroll in a snow storm yesterday to see what would happen. I stumbled across a little herd of belted galloways in a forest and just felt like I struck a bit of gold. I'm NOT a nature/wildlife/landscape photographer, but I'm pretty enthusiastic...