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The photographer's eye

Hey folks,
Can I have your critics on my photo ?
I'm new here and new on photography as well. Any advise and tips on how I can improve, would be very appreciated :)

This photo has taken using my Sony A7II with a Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm F4 lens, and a graduated ND filter.
This lens is not meant to be used on...

Blue hour at the beach

This was taken in the minutes just after the sun set. The position of the sunset was behind the camera slightly to the right. This was a 12 minute exposure with the Hitech 10stop filer and a 3stop soft grad.

Feedback welcome as I am very much new to long exposure and learning every day.


Hi Everyone,

Here's some more of my recent work.
I really appreciated all of the feedback I got on my last post.
I always think of the feedback I get while I'm shooting, and it has helped, I think.
As my skill and experience increase, so do my prices. (I'm still relatively cheap haha)
Thank you, everyone.


Atlanta Collective Cover Photo

Now that the Atlanta Collective is growing I think it is a great time for a little photo competition. I would really like to change the group photograph and I want it to come from you. For the month of March post you favorite Atlanta shot to this group and at the end of the month the members will vote for the best picture to become the cover...

Well, I guess I will introduce myself

Hey everyone!

My names Davison, I have been doing photography for a little over 9 years now. I obtained my associates degree in commercial photography from Gwinnett Technical College. I have photographed for the Gwinnett Braves, done test shooting for modeling agencies but my main area currently as i transition is Wedding Photography. I...

Greetings, i'm John Dekker

I live in Roswell, retired from AT&T after 33 years, and can't wait for either snow or daffodils.

I have a website where i try to post photos from various trips, vacations, and other things around town.

i go by jd

80's synthwave shoot.

Last week I did a shoot for a synth wave DJ.
Synth wave is very 80's influenced form of music. It got a very high Miami vice/Mc Guyver/Nightrider vibe.

My client asked me to shoot a series of photo’s for an upcoming event. He needed a portrait too. So we made time to shoot.

To tell you about the shoot, all went wrong, we...