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I like squirrels

What's up everyone. I've been doing automotive photography for sometime now, and currently do it more commercially and for publishing than for social media.

Some of my pics can be seen on (Currently rebuilding due to a redesign).

My IG and FB is @meatyflush. I hope to learn more, which I have from fstoppers...

Hi there !

Hi there, my name is Adrien, french photographer based in Switzerland.
I would like to share with you this shot, taken a few days ago front of my house.
I used a Nikon D800 and 14-24 f/2.8 lens with tripod.
Hope you'll enjoy it and looking forward to see your comments.

More of my attempts at Dylan's Cinematic Headshot

Hi Peps

Been out practicing a bit more with two of my friends to learn/perfect this style !

I'm learning so much more and seeing more opportunities every time I shoot this style so I hope you like what I achieved and any CC will be gratefully received :)



CC is always welcome. Shot with Nikon D800e all natural light, no reflector. 70-200MM at 2.8, ISO 200 @ 1/200sec.

House Backyard Light Painting

Here's a new light painting before and after of a beautiful home in Las Vegas. This house definitely benefited with the lighting painting technique to be able to show off the full extent of the houses backyard beauty, pool, spa, pool tiling, grill and simultaneously allowing you to appreciated the exterior & interior views. C & C always...


what type of Lights, strobes, and on and off camera flashes do you use for Interiors? , Looking to get a Prophoto B2 kit and all always discuss studio work and outdoor Photography, Never see anything on setting up on Interiors

Working on my next compositing project, When I Grow Up, and could use your help!!

Hey guys! I'm launching my second personal project!! The project will be a series of composites featuring 5th graders "doing" their future careers! We will be using the project to create a calendar for sale to raise money for a mission organization called City of Refuge. The funds will go towards a college and career fund for the youth of the...

Trying to get discovered

I'm a professional photographer from far western NY. I've managed to take advantage of my trips to New York City to get some pretty good shots. But my main business is real estate photography. I'm still trying to get discovered in the travel and architectural fields. I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to get noticed :)



Marcos Domenech

Bringing to life new ideas and concepts.

Photography : Marcos Domenech
Assistant: Aya Tanaka
Model: Stephanie