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Seeking some criticism

This is my first venture into video. I'm really trying to use Youtube to expose more to my photography, but I feel like...
Last: January 10, 2017

NYC area - Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART for sale or trade

Selling as I am more drawn to the 35mm focal length now - for sale for $700 in the NY area or trade for high end Canon...


I'm loving this portrait of my friend and fellow photographer Lemari in his home studio.

Snow In Nashville?!

It rarely snows here in Nashville so when it did last week I decided to take advantage of it and shoot with my friend...
Last: January 10, 2017

The Avenue

Hi all, please give me your opinions about my photo ! Regards !!

Hollywood Highway CA

Hi all, New to Fstoppers and the group so here is my first real long exposure shot taken from the roof of a car park in...

Californian Night Cityscapes

Hi all, only just found Fstoppers and thought i would share a couple of images taken in Nov 2016 while on holiday in...

First time here on fstoppers, here's my first post

I've been in a bit of a slump lately and couldn't get my images to what I wanted to do. I read a ton of articles on...
Last: January 10, 2017

Lindsay "Queen of the White Walkers"

It snowed here in Nashville which is a very rare occurrence so I decided to take advantage with my friend Lindsay. I...
Last: January 10, 2017

Lighting suggestions

Hey all, I've been asked to shoot some products for a friend. This line of work has always interested me and so I...
Last: January 10, 2017

Trail - Medium Format Portrait

Shot a roll of Fujicolor Pro 160NS in early november 2016 in pretty low light conditions. Shot with Mamiya RZ67 Pro...
Last: January 10, 2017

Her Heart

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Last: January 10, 2017

Selling/Trading Canon IS USM 24-105 L f/4

Hey everyone, Looking to sell or trade my canon L 24-105mm for around $500 OBO. It is in great condition and works...

Selling/Trading Canon IS USM 24-105 L f/4

Hey everyone, Thought I'd post in here as well as the for sale group. Looking to sell or trade my canon L 24-105mm for...

low key headshot

Recent shoot for a Singer Karl Lund, trying something with a little more drama in it thoughts? I ask ... nervously :)
Last: January 9, 2017

The Great Gatsby

I made this for a book cover for the Great Gatsby. A big thank you goes to my beautiful wife for the willingness to...
Last: January 9, 2017

Thaddeus Wolfe

Dramatic portrait inspired by Rembrandt's unique style. Taken in studio. --Gear-- Canon 6D Canon 24-70mLII Alien Bee...
Last: January 9, 2017

A little selfie

shooted with sigma 35 mm 1.4 art + canon 70d
Last: January 9, 2017