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Speedlight Versatility

Hey guys! I'm aware of the pros and cons of speedlights vs strobes, and after using both over the last few months I definitely prefer, or am just more comfortable with, strobes. But obviously there's monetary drawbacks to strobes.

So, what I'd like to know is from a standpoint of having a strobe (PCB) and a couple modifiers (octa and...

New Cinematography Reel

So this is my first post in the group. A bit about me, my background is in filmmaking and video production. I also am a glamour and fashion photographer. I've been quite busy over the last several years and finally got around to not only updating my cinematography reel, but restarting/rebranding my company (can't wait for the new site to finish...

Historical train trip

im Rui Bandeira and i´m from Portugal.
this images were made during a trip in the Historical Train, that folows the Douro river, were the famous Ports Wine is made.

Fetching image ...

Hello everyone!


My name is Melissa Isabel and I'm a fashion photographer from Puerto Rico, based in Boston. This is a recent shoot I did with a gorgeous model from Rusia. We did a couple of different looks, it was a very simple shoot, but I was happy with the results. Hope you guys like it and if you guys have any helpful suggestions, they will...

Shanghai Rouge

I really i didnt know in wich group post this pics i made few months ago,
Im a 3d artist based on Tokyo and i becoming adicted to Photography.

LeBaron ( Tokyo )
Photography: Marcos Domenech
Assistant: Aya Tanaka

Tolo, Greece

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself and share and image from my travels. Firstly, I absolutely love to travel and take photos of the places I visit. This image was taken one evening while having dinner in Tolo, Greece. I glanced over the balcony railing and noticed this woman in the surf reading a book. Was...

First post

Hello everyone! my name is Eric Snyder
Im a professional photographer located in the Boston area! Im really looking forward to meeting new people and networking with everyone across the country and the world! :)
I hope you enjoy my first post, This was taking up in Lee NH at the Ice Castles
Thank you
Eric Snyder


is the up votes / down votes on my profile are votes I've given or votes I've received ?