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3rd try

Hello everybody.
There's my 3rd shooting of a car. Cadillac CTS4 2012.. using strobes and a striplight softbox

Every comments are always appreciated.


CC and feedback welcome

shot this during an underwater shoot. big storm came through and it just looked amazing from my angle.

would love to hear everyones feedback and any ways of improving for the next one

Critique my Ice Cream Sundae

I would like a critique on my ice cream sundae that I shot this past Friday. I was given the assignment on Thursday afternoon and shot first thing the following Friday. This was shot with a Nikon D5200 with the kit 18-55mm lens. I shot tethered to a macbook and used PhaseOne CaptureOne to process the image and export out the hi-res tiff. This...

Just need some help. Please.

Hi guys, i am trying to retouch some images but i am having some problems basically the image i edit is the girl with a blue body, the other one is the one i wish i could do similar, but i don't know what more can i do to achieve that, could some one help me please. really need to make this work