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How do you Shoot out of a Motor sailer or Chessnar?

Yesterday a friend invited me to fly with him and shoot with him out of the Plane....

New Area and new thoughts ;)
On the ground I tried 3 variations of lenses:

Ultra Wide Angle 11-24mm
Not a good solution :D you probably see the whole wing and side of the Plane.
Well in a creative way it could be a nice view but...

Café Racers

some images i made for a Cafe Racer builder.

Fetching image ...

Fetching image ...


Some looks from my recent Shoot... some CC please?

Hi all.
I recently did a shoot with a beautiful young lady who volunteered to come in and sit for our class. She is a 16 year old looking for some acting/ commercial headshots.

The ones in the green tops are completely unretouched. The "dark" one I did a little bit in lightroom only... brightened the eyes a little and a little skin...

Finding Staff!

I am finding it nearly impossible to find contract wedding photographers for our studio. The kind who wants 30-60 dates with us.

We do over 250 weddings a year and turn down roughly 50-100 a year. I need more talented shooters and I don't even know where to begin. We have tried Craigslist, newspaper, and Facebook. But we either get...

On Her Day

This was taken at a recent wedding, taken on a Canon 5diii with a Canon 135mm F2 at F2.8 and 1/200. Would love some feedback. Many thanks on advance.

Crazy Car-ness!

Shot this the other day and thought I'd share it in the group as a first post so be gentle! Im pretty happy with it to be honest. Couple little bit's I'd fix but hey there you go.

Shot outside my house with a couple Nikon speedlites and a shoot through umbrella. I did the car first and then each person took it in turns to do their shot...

Introductory Photo

I'm totally new to automotive photography but been doing other kinds and retouching for some time. So when I got a new car not that long ago and did some work to it, I decided to give it a proper christening by shooting it (with a camera). So here is the result. About 20 layers as there is combination of flash and lightpainting the car plus a...

Man in the bar

Photographed at high noon under the shadow of this open bar shelter. The open side of the bar is on the left. Everything in the photo is flash lit simulating night time ambiance.