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Kitchen fire!

Hey guys, it's my first post in this group.
I've been a lead VFX artist in the game industry, working on many AAA titles for 12 years (including Splinter Cell, Army of Two, Deus Ex) ...I decided to go Pro photography last year! I'm still experimenting ;)
I incorporate sometimes visual effects in some compositions and here's one I...

help with a contract

Hi everyone,
I was recently hired to shoot promotional material for a local low-budget film.
I will be shooting about 40 different cast members in my studio for one sheets and the DVD cover.
What I need to find is a contract that clearly states our agreement of payment per shoot, of which there will be up to 40. I've found a...

The Spam accounts...

Odd thing, when I start following notible people with a decent following I get bombarded by business instagram accounts. I don't mind it, if they're legit and don't post spam comments which some have and reported. Just curious as to others, do you simply ignore it, report as they spam comment?

Admin, please remove the post if its not related to the group .But would be great if ican get sme feedback

Posted in the Portrait group too. Re posting it here for feedback

My first real try with Skin retouching. I dont have a model to shoot with ,so i just took a shot of myself and retouched the image. Would be glad if could get a feedback . I will try the same retouching process ,if at all i get a model. Until then experiment with myself...

Ideas on maintaining consistent images

I work for a large company and often I need to take on location head shots in different locations that are all going to be used for the same project. I'm often limited on the space I have available and a lot of the time I am not able to control the ambient light. I'm having troubles creating consistent images throughout the series. So here are...


I am a Florida based portrait photographer shooting fashion glamour and editorial and commercial portraiture. Thank you for starting this group. I would like to learn mor about the business side of glamour photography. I see a lot of great work online but never anything about how to earn a living at it.

you can see some of my glamour and...

Traveling to Washington DC, tips?

I am traveling to DC to shoot the entire day just travel photography. Part of that travel I generally visit the local zoo as well into my plans, don't know how much that will take but depending how many other spots I can fill my schedule of shooting I'll be jumping around town for great scenes to shoot. Anyone recommend some great spots?

Stock Photography & Car Photography

I always wondered about this. I got mixed answers over the years asking this in a few different big photography communities online. Shooting car photography like for personal projects such as in the studio or at car shows even and upload it for stock use... cant use it under any circumstances I'd assume? Even if no logo is in view as the shell...

Suggestion: Photo Awards on Fstoppers

I love Rebecca and her process. But since we're growing why not grow the photo awards within the community and by the community. Like have community selected photo awards via votes/ratings and staff/editor's choice awards like from Rebecca and such. And not just that have specific photo awards extended from photo of the day like why not have a...