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Is this a headshot?

First of all I'm so happy to had found this group.

Is this considered a headshot? I wanna learn more about headshot. What is the difference between a headshot and a beauty shot.

Lit with a knock-off version of Jerry Ghionis icelight. I love the light except the catchlights it's giving. I don't like it for my taste.

CC for...

Help wanted for a fellow fstoppers member ;)

I usually don't make call for vote, but I've just been selected as finalist in for the Hasselblad Masters
and this award means a lot for me !!!!

I'm very glad that I've made it up to there, but now I need your votes to help me win this contest !
So you can go there :

I will start things off.

Here is my latest image. Its salmon on a bed wild grain rice. I used a Canon 5D Mark III w/ a Canon 100mm MACRO II. It was a one light shot, the rest is done with reflectors of some sort. Thats really my favorite way to light food. I tired something out of the cinema playbook using color on the opposite color spectrum.

Let me what you...

How do you find a unique location?

i.e. a nice large swimming pool like at hotels... would you simply ask management if its not a chain, owner in that case for permission for a future shoot and hope they agree to your shoot concept? As well hope the concept doesn't offend them if its glamour based...???

I want to find a pool large enough to do some fashion (with slight...

Trying Something New

Hi everyone. I mainly shoot headshots, but sometimes shoot fashion. I have been trying some new ways of shooting and editing. Any feed back would be fantastic!

I would love to see the new work that you are putting out as well!

Saporito coffee

some images i made for Saporito coffee

Fetching image ...

Fetching image ...

Fetching image...

Wanna Quit Photography?

One thing I have learned from skateboarding that has kept me going!

I just wrote this blog post because last week I had a "I wanna quit" type of week. I am assuming many of you have had those types of weeks too! What keeps you going?

Baseball Photos

Here are some Baseball shots. Baseball is not my strongest sport I tend to be more a Football person.

Fresno Grizzlies #14 Joe Sclafani Tags second base then throws to first to complete the double play while Tacoma Rainiers #7 slides.

Nikon D3
Tokina 300mm...

posting pictures and rules

hey guys.i need some help with posting images here.i tried to download an image and seems like the pic is rendering forever.i used hi res and low res pictures but the problem is still there.can somebody tell me whats the best way to upload a picture on here.thanks

Traveling west to LA through CO, NM, AZ

Greetings everyone! I'm heading west to LA to try and make a go of it in fashion. I'm doing this old-school via driving and as I go I'm trying to meet up with people. I figure the long, slow road filled with stories is much more interesting than the direct route.

If you are in Denver, Albuquerque, or Flagstaff (or somewhere along that...

Automotive Photographer Position

Good evening everyone. I've been searching for a position as an automotive photographer, but, I've been having a difficult time finding such a position that actually exist. I've tried looking on Google, but, many times, the search engine will bring up popular automotive photographers and how to shoot the subject. Does anyone have any advice on...