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Unable to upload photos to portfolio

1) Unable to upload photos to my portfolio.

- In my profile ( I am unable to upload photos (under 10MB) to my portfolio

2) Detailed steps to reproduce:

-click add photos on portfolio page
-browse to sub-10mb photo
-select photo
-green bar finishes...

Can't set crop on cover photo

1) Name/description of bug: Set Crop on cover photo doesn't do anything
- Current behavior (What is it doing now?): It uses the default crop from upload
- Expected behavior (What should it be doing instead?): It should be saving my crop after I hit the Save button

2) Detailed steps to reproduce:
- Click Change Image on...

Dr. Kike

Hi guys, i didn't knew what to do with this just, but experimenting came with this, the lenses on his face are one lens of an old proyector and the other one is a piece of a broken 50mm haha, then i make a new layer with a selection of the proyector lens and made the union between the two lenses, adde some sparks to give it more mood and tinted...

Sex Sells... everything else doesn't.

I was browsing around fstoppers and noticed something a bit odd seeing great photographers who don't shoot sexy nearly or actually naked women do not shine over those photographers who shoot that. It's obvious reasons why this exists. But as a fstoppers community shouldn't we encourage and help those who dont shoot that shine more? It seems...

Iron Man Grounded

Humorous Iron Man Project. After Robert Downey Jr turned me down a while back for a photo and walked out of the interview I wondered, what would Iron Man do if he struggled like the common man? more photos at

thanks to the Huffington Post for covering the Project and to Robert Downey Jr for posting it on his...

Paying for Submissions to Magazines ?

I recently starting sending images to different Magazines in hopes for a feature online or (fingers crossed) in print. Its my first time doing so, so I didn't have any high hopes. I heard back from a smaller mag and bigger mag looking to pick it up. Of course I figured its better to go with the bigger of the 2 but they asked for an "advertorial...

Top Landscape Photos List

I'm trying to gather as many very well executed and beautiful landscape scenes photos here on Fstoppers and ultimately build a List with all the shots.
As I look for photos voting, etc, I notice that landscapes are like 5% of the shots I stumble upon here, so instead of hoping to see some awesome landscape photos, I thought I should open...

Nik software and friends

Hello eveyone! Last week I've bought the course "Photographing the world" of Elia Locardi and I've been discovering so many cool things about post production! In fact I think I will re-process some of my old pictures.

At the moment I've always used Lightroom and Photoshop for some advanced editing. But I've noticed that Elia uses so many...

My noob try on Headshot

Did this last month. Ligthing using 2 Yongnuo YN-560III flash in a 120cm Octobox and a reflector. Flash trigger by Yongnuo YN-560TX.
EXIF: 1/80s | f/8 | ISO 90 | FL 90
Post processing : LR minor adjustment, PS frequency separation for skin correction.

Appreciate your comments


Here is some basic street shots that I captured of the police.

Beat the Heat

Here is the new version of the photo, after I received some suggestions from @Joe Watson

Nasser Ali
Beat the Heat

Wish to hear some comments on my latest composite photo. Thanks :)

- Enjoying the Summer -

Whenever I go outside, I imagine myself like this. Laying down on a...

What Should You Be Shooting?

Have you ever wondered what genre you are best suited for photographing? It is incredibly hard to take an objective view of our own work. Sometimes we create images but we don't quite know what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Post a link in here to your profile, or attach a few samples of work, and let us all give you our unbiased...