20 Of The Most Hilarious Glamour Shots You've Ever Seen

20 Of The Most Hilarious Glamour Shots You've Ever Seen

You do remember glamour shots, don't you? I'm sure you wish you forgot. For old time's sake, here are some glamour shots that really take the cake. They are some of the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) glamour shots we've seen. They're down right hilarious. 

They may even make you want to go back and look at your old ones. What, did you think we all forgot about those?

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Craving to see some more? Check out more of them through these links below.

[Via The Chive, Heavy, Dailydawdle, and Oddee]

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defense94's picture

Random stupid crap? You're the one who's username is "Black Justin Bieber".... This is just a comic relief for photographers bro, chill out.

trevor williams's picture

5,6,19 are Robbie Augspurger AKA Wolf Choir


Lyle Turner's picture

Unfortunately, a few of these are not old. I almost pissed myself when a friend showed me the one of the guy in the sweater holding his cat with a Santa hat on a dating site in Dallas Texas just a few months ago.

Mette Laurent Sadic's picture

Yeah, these aren't "glamour shots" - just really bad photos. Glamour shots are shots from the midt-late 80'ties where women were made over
with heavy make-up, big hair, "sexy clothes" and photographed with a
soft focus lense. And the women were often grabbing their collar. It is a
very specific genre and most of these are not glamour shots per se.

enlight photo's picture

That's AWESOME. I see I'm not the first to spot DieAntvoort in there... read this NYTimes article about them... brilliant: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/29/magazine/die-antwoord.html?_r=0

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Davi Luca's picture

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