Captivating Self Portrait Project

Captivating Self Portrait Project

Back in 2006 we were all introduced to the Noah Kalina, the man who took a photo of himself every day for 6 years, posted to YouTube and it became a viral sensation. We have all now seen different takes on the internet meme. But today a new "self photo" project emerged that caught the eye of Fstopper writers and we all chimed in with our own critiques.

A video has not been made up yet but I went ahead and grabbed some photos from the project to share here. Amazingly this was all done by one camera, one tripod, one man. The only explanation to the project is a few words at the end describing the thought process behind the images.

An extended visual musing on: 
The fleetingness of existence.
The sheer futility of human endeavour.
The extent to which internet meme culture pervades modern life.
Being a forgetful bastard.

Here are a few quotes from other Fstopper writers commenting on the images from the project.

Jaron Schneider - "Shockingly Good!"

Chris Lambeth - "Such clean images. Like nothing I'll ever see again."

Jerrit Pruyn - "I don't know guys his white balance is off."

Tam Nguyen - "Damn talk about sensor dust."

Mike Wilkinson - "They really look over processed to me. I can't imagine they were captured like this in-camera."

Jerrit Pruyn - "Out of focus. I think they would look better in Black and White."

Now it's your turn. Here are a few of my favorite images from the project in question. What are your thoughts?


Every Day I Took a Photo of Myself With The Lense Cap On


Trevor Dayley's picture

Trevor Dayley ( was named as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US in 2014 by Brandsmash. His award-winning wedding photos have been published in numerous places including Grace Ormonde. He and his wife have been married for 15 years and together they have six kids.

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"Cap" tivating!

You missed the 'r'

Leave your own clever  'Cap'tion below...

I completely LOVE the effect in the shot second from the top, but I have to say the last few are just starting to look a little 'soft' - is it possible he was starting to feel a full 6 years was a little too much to pull off and was losing the passion? 

Also - is it just me or did he change caps half way through?

I love the sense of emotion and depth, you can really see the story the photographer was trying to captivate here!

Sadly it's fake. The 6 photo's on his website are the same size / name. And I know you're thinking: "David, don't take this so serious." But this would be way better if you could tell by the image info that they were really taken on certain dates.

He's the Al Capone of our time - capping the viewers with his amazing skills, one person at a time

Looks like all the other de-saturated, instagram-inspired work out there. At least show some originality! 

Haven't we seen enough cross-processed pics here already..try a bit harder :(

Boring, after the first 2 or 3 they all begin to all look alike. However I thought the last one was interesting. Nice technique.

Way over saturated! 

Too much contrast; he needs to learn how to use adjustment curves.

How can there be contrast when there's only one shade?

I see nothing but black rectangles - both on IE 8 and firefiox Darn

 try netscape...

Hahahaha, your name should be George Sucka.

i am just so sick of this instagram look....
Ohhhhhh wait, nevermind...

Anyone notice how this guy seems to have a fairly stubborn liking of the blacks slider in Lightroom?

Obviously heavily photoshopped. Otherwise you would see the one or other hot pixel.

At least put some effort please... push the levels, pull the curves, make it 18% grey and you might see your soul. damnit.

this guy has a very dark vision of the world

I see dolphins. I SEE THEM!

"Why is this on Fstoppers?" - me