IKEA Ad Controversy Sparks Meme

IKEA Ad Controversy Sparks Meme

We previously reported on Ikea Saudi Arabia photoshopping women from their ads, now the internet has gone and made a meme on it. Check out these hilarious photos where all women are replaced with Ikea products.

You can see more at I(KEA) got 99 problems but a b*tch aint one!

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bahahaha thats soo good!

Philip Schwanke's picture

the idea is great but the realization.. i don't know. like the black an white image thats cool.

David Arthur's picture

the old classics were the coolest.

funny... brialiant idea

George Socka's picture

LOL - but beware that a fatwa is not placed on the site for this mockery

Andreas Feustel's picture

Nope, sorry, not my sense of humor!