Memes Take The Leap To The Darker Side

Memes Take The Leap To The Darker Side

I know I know, memes on Fstoppers? YES! Memes on Fstoppers. I am rarely a fan of these corny internet trends, but this 'Vadering' craze is pretty dang creative. Also note that I am not a Star Wars fan, and I still find these things to be incredibly entertaining. I have said it a million times, it isn't always how a shot is executed or how technically sound or high quality an image is, sometimes it's all about the concept. Enjoy!










via mashable

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Jeremy Cohen's picture

amazing. Chick fil'a one is my fav

You're NOT a Star Wars fan? Are you not a man? : )

Damian Vines's picture

I find your lack of Star Wars fandom disturbing.

funny. I like.

See, this "I am not a Star Wars fan" nonsense is further proof that Lucas screwed the pooch with Episode I. You were probably too young to grok the magic of the first series and your parents obviously didn't love you enough to buy you the originals on VHS or LaserDisc and so your exposure has been to the mediocrity of the universe.

I pity you, actually.

PS: Cool Meme