Useless Moments- Satirically Glorious Horrible Photos

Useless Moments- Satirically Glorious Horrible Photos

Photographer Colby Moore is a portrait photographer who decided to add another style of photography to his portfolio: horrible, cliché photos one might find on bad photo sites. But instead of actually being that bad, he gives his clients something to laugh about by staging the funniest, worst photos he can think of.

"I started taking these pictures after browsing through Awkward Family Photos book and website and thinking, 'these are hilarious, I bet people would be really pumped to have photos of themselves that are this wonderfully terrible.' And I was right! I've had tons of requests from people wanting to be in these 'beautiful' masterpieces, and I've done a few useless self portraits. The name is a play on all the "creative" names that photographers come up with for their companies, and the word fauxtography was taken from the good folks over at Basically, I think way too many professional photographers take themselves entirely too seriously, why not have a good laugh?"

Why not indeed. These are absolutely horrifically hilarious!


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Mike Kelley's picture

And Colby's career will be taking off in 3, 2.....

Rebecca Britt's picture

Much much love Colby!!

Hilarious! I

Kudos for the feature, Colby. Totally enjoy when you share stuff in the fstoppers group. Have to agree that sometimes we photographers take ourselves too seriously.

I smell a custom action pack and texture kit coming soon.


After seeing these works of genious art, I consider myself an amateur!

So bad that I could not really offer these even as a joke!