14 Daunting B&W Photos of Storms

14 Daunting B&W Photos of Storms

Mitch Dobrowner captures some of the most powerful and beautiful things on earth in these 14 images of storms. Mitch has been chasing storms since 2009 to put himself in the perfect position for an amazing image. "Words are inadequate to describe the experience of photographing this immense power and beauty." -Mitch Dobroner

To see more of Mitch's work head over to his website.

Bowdon, North Dakota Bowdon, North Dakota

Buffalo, South Dakota Buffalo, South Dakota

Dundee, Texas Dundee, Texas

Gainsville, Texas Gainsville, Texas

Gainsville, Texas Gainsville, Texas

Green Grass, South Dakota Green Grass, South Dakota

Lewistown, Montana Lewistown, Montana

Mobridge, South Dakota Mobridge, South Dakota

Mohall, North Dakota Mohall, North Dakota

Navajo Nation, New Mexico Navajo Nation, New Mexico

Nebraska Nebraska

Regan, North Dakota Regan, North Dakota

Three Points, Arizona Three Points, Arizona

Outside of Upton Wyoming Outside of Upton Wyoming

All images used with permission by Mitch Dobrowner.

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So amazing.

Any close calls, Mitch?

Simply awesome!

Wow. Wonderful. I'm a sucker for Black and Whites too, and this may just be the best I've seen in awhile in my eyes.

Vr DUBIFONK's picture

Awesome, spectacular, brillant B&W ! These are perfect examples on 'don't go to much with S curves'. Probably the best pictures of storm I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful job.