6 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes

Landscape photography is a challenging genre that takes a combination of strong camera technique, planning, the ability to predict conditions, good post-processing skills, and often, just a bit of luck. If you are new to landscape photography and looking to improve, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced landscape photographer discussing six common mistakes and how to fix them or avoid them altogether.

Coming to you from Serge Ramelli Photography, this excellent video tutorial discusses six common mistakes landscape photographers make. Perhaps the most subtle mistake newer photographers make is not shooting at the right time of day. When it comes to simply enjoying being outside, we often like to head out around the middle of the afternoon, but the best times of day for a lot of shots are typically around the extremes of the day: sunset and sunrise. This is why many landscape photographers get up at 3 or 4 am to be in the right position at the right time. No doubt, it can be hard to get up that early, but often, you will be rewarded. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ramelli.

And if you really want to dive into landscape photography, check out "Photographing The World 1: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing with Elia Locardi." 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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