Color Blind Landscape Photographer

Color Blind Landscape Photographer

Check out these stunning landscapes shot by a color blind photographer. Kilian Schönberger is a 28 year old photographer from Germany who can't distinguish green and red, leaving him color blind. It appears that most of these were shot in Iceland. I can't imagine some of the hiking and backbacking that has to be done to achieve some of these shots, but they are well worth it. Kilian shoots with a 5D Mark II and uses a 24mm TSE II lens. Go to his 500px for more of his work.

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Those photos are incredible. 

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Holy shi...

Possibly the best landscapes I've personally ever seen. 

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Good lurd those are phenomenal

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Dag these are awesome!

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somebody loves the green saturation slider...

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...You do realise he is colour blind to the colours red & GREEN... Right?

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I have the same type of color blindness and I agree with deanr222.  If you want to oversaturate your photos so be it.  Photography is HIGHLY subjective but don't cop out your editing choices with claiming that you are color blind.  I have never had somebody tell me that my images were weird colors when I was trying to make them look natural.  And I fail the dot colorblind test horribly!  Good pics but like I said don't use excuses.

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Exactly, I am color blind too, but looking natural to me is the same to anyone elce. The only time colorblindness comes into play is if someone was to see the world through my eyes then it would look differently. 

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you contradict yourself by saying that you see differently through your eyes but you see the same as everyone else

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he doesn't really, He says he pictures "natural" the same as everyone else.

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What he means is that if he corrects a photo to his perception of natural, then the photo will be natural to everyone. The only way the photo would look different to you would be to see it through his eyes.
For example, if I see strawberries as purple, when I correct the photo I will attempt to make it look purple to me, therefore making it look red to you.

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the guy is not using it as an excuse 

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Absolutely beautiful images, wow!

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awesome work and post processing.

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WOW! Pure awesome! 

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Wow!!! Incredible work!!! :-)

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Awesome work!

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These are brilliant!

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Ha - these photos would look just the same ;P

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color blindness really doesn't lessen their abilities at all.. I have a friend/videographer who is color blind and shoots everything just fine.. it really doesn't seem to affect them since they are used to it.. and you have tools in photoshop that let you use the eye dropper to see the true color if he really can't distinguish a specific shade 
None the less these photos are amazing! great find!

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Similarly - have a Pro friend who's the same.

Mind you - he is keen on very "over" saturated colours/hues and we once had to point out to him that his sun was green.

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Awesome, brilliant and amazing! Some of them looks like HDR.

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Btw lots of those pics are taken in Dolomiten (Alps, Italy).

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Wooow!! Amazing!!

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love, love, LOVE alot of his work...... just personally dont like the HDR looking ones-just personal opinion as dont like that "look" or technique

Agreed.  Some of these are definitely funky fresh and Id love to know more about his workflow and what he is shooting with but the HDR has become less appealing in the last few years for me.  And that is how you craft a very long sentence and this is how you end a sentence without a period

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