The Ethereal Landscape Work Of Alexandre Deschaumes

The Ethereal Landscape Work Of Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes is a self taught french photographer. These photographs take place in the French Alps, Austria, Iceland and Patagonia.
"When I am in nature, the environment makes me feel humble about all that surrounds me, opening a new abstract door of inspiration, making me very grateful about these fantastic benefits. And the most important aspect that i like about the abstract photography quest is that when I am in nature, I feel home and I feel alive." From one of his last interviews,"What are some tips you could give to people that really like your work?"
"I would advise them to listen to their inner feeling, to take their camera and go somewhere remote, like a deep forest during a foggy day and keep watching everywhere to seek details, because beauty is everywhere.To feel the atmosphere of the surroundings, vision is always the most important. In composition, you should avoid everything that disturbs and focus on simple shapes, because elegance comes with simplicity." View his 500PX for more of his work.
Alexandre shoots with:
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EF 16-35 F2.8 L II
Canon EF 70 - 200 F4 IS L
Canon EF 35 mm F1.4 L
Canon EF 85 mm F1.2 L II

Filters :
System LEE
LEE ND Grad 0.6 Hard step
LEE ND Grad 0.75 Hard step
LEE ND Grad 0.75 Soft Step
LEE ND Grad 0.9 Hard step

Singh ray gallen rowell ND
2 stop soft step
3 stop soft step
3 stop hard step

B+w ND 1000
LEE Big Stopper

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Jeff Lowman's picture

Best landscape artist I have seen on this site.  Truly breath taking

Arnold Newman's picture

Wow.  Stunning.

Sophak Pann's picture

Spectacular places. 

Would love to know what kinds of settings and maybe even tips on LR4 on how these were shot.

David T's picture

WOW. "Ethereal" truly describes these photos... Gorgeous! 

Russell S. Mendenhall's picture

How I felt after looking at this post.

Mike Folden's picture

Absolute best landscapes I've ever seen. Wow. 

Lorenzo P's picture

breath taking!! 

Unreal.  Kudos for the 'ethereal' in the title as well, nice to see a change from 'awesome', 'stunning' etc...

Martin Ollman's picture

holly f@$k these define landscape photography!!

BryantFC's picture

I can not wait till his film is released! Excited to see it as excited I get when viewing his work! Very beautiful!