Is the Fujifilm GFX 100S the Ultimate Landscape Photography Camera?

Fujifilm's GFX mirrorless camera series has brought medium format into direct competition with the upper echelons of full frame systems, opening up an entirely new format to many creatives and making it a potentially appealing option for a lot of landscape photographers. This awesome video follows a professional landscape photographer as he uses the camera and also talks you through his thought process for his images. 

Coming to you from Andrew Marr, this neat video shows the experience of shooting with the Fujifilm GFX 100S medium format mirrorless camera. The GFX 100S is easily one of the most interesting cameras available right now. The original GFX 100 was offered a 102-megapixel medium format sensor and a lot of modern capabilities not traditionally found in larger-sensor cameras all at a price that significantly challenged the prevailing paradigm. The GFX 100S continued that trend, keeping almost all of the GFX 100's features (perhaps most importantly, its sensor) and cutting the price almost in half, bringing it in line with upper-level full frame cameras. Add in top-notch dynamic range and Fuji's excellent colors, and it looks like the GFX 100S is one of the best options out there for landscape photographers. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Marr. 

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Cristian G.'s picture

We wouldn't know. It's just a video and no link where we can review the resulting photos on our own.

Michael Krueger's picture

I'm beyond fed up with people who use compressed 1080p YouTube videos to compare image quality between cameras.

Wilson Santos's picture

I don't understand, is it about the camera or his adventure?

Rhonald Rose's picture

There is no 'ultimate' gear for anything. It all comes down to ones affordability (let's be honest, vast majority of us don't go by the need - we go by want).

In my experience with both 100s and 50s, it's another great tool in your arsenal if you want to be a medium format shooter, and willing to work within its capabilities. 100s is definitely better than the 50s in terms of AF performance which opens up more use cases beyond landscape, architecture, and studio portraits.

You will not appreciate the quality unless you print big posters with it.

John Vander Ploeg's picture

Definitely a great landscape camera if you don’t mind lugging it around. Although, if you are into telephoto compositions a 45mpx full frame camera will give you higher res after about 430mm.

Timothy Roper's picture

I skipped around a bit to try and get to the good parts, but from what I can tell, this video is about driving in the Outback, swimming, and Square Space.