Incredible Travel Photography by Marianna Jamadi

Photographer and professional nomad Marianna Jamadi chronicles her travels with vividly colorful photographs; showcasing the natural beauty of the countries she visits. Jamadi’s work captures not only gorgeous landscapes, but quiet moments of everyday life in countries like Spain, Russia, Norway and Estonia.

Jamadi, whose mother is Finnish and her father Indonesian, grew up in California and spent her early adult years in New York. Drawing from this mix of influences, she has made a career of travelling; “I roam the world finding beauty in experience.” Jamadi is also the co-founder of El Camino, an organization which offers guided trips for small groups who want to avoid the stereotypical tourist experience.

You can find more of Jamadi’s work on her website.

Images courtesy of Marianna Jamadi, used with permission.

Via [Ignant]

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gabe s's picture

Beautiful images.

However the website is too full of buzzwords and hipness. Cool idea though.

Anonymous's picture

Probably what every photographer wants to do

Sara Smoot's picture

I wish I could travel more...
I like her photos, real earthy and they give off a mood:)

Ross Jukes's picture

Great shots, wish I could do more travel photography...