'Patience' - The Power and Versatility of Time-lapse in One Video

Time-lapse videos are everywhere nowadays. You can see them in everything from Hollywood blockbusters, to educational documentaries, to that one weird guy's YouTube channel showing the most random things in a time-lapse format. Well done time-lapses should definitely be appreciated as, make no mistake, they are works of art in their own right.

The amount of time and patience that a time-lapse photographer or videographer has to invest into even a single shot can be astronomical. Nighttime sequences showing downtown traffic can be over in a matter of seconds on video, but the time invested can be eight or more hours in some cases, not even including the time invested in post making sure every frame is just right. Advances in technology have made a huge difference and made many parts of time-lapse photography much simpler and easier to accomplish. Especially the advent of computer controlled motion control that can be programmed for exact and precise camera movements to make the final assemblies perfectly smooth and effortless.

In this particular case, which appears to be a demo reel for its creator Paul Richardson, it also serves as an amazing example for how diverse the field really is. Everything from the commonplace landscape imagery showing the progression of the day, and even showing the construction of long-term building projects and short-term movements like relocation of a satellite dish. Despite the imagery playing through at what seems to be an exaggerated rate, it really does help show what the actual differences are from moment to moment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

How many of you have tried to accomplish your own time-lapse projects? Post the links below.

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Yes it is the same.

Still just as nauseating and vertigo inducing.
Watching something that causes motion sickness is not a good thing.