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Photographer Captures the Natural Beauty, Effects of Climate Change in the Polar Regions

Award-winning photographer Camille Seaman has spent over a decade documenting the environment of the Polar Regions, capturing gorgeous imagery of a landscape undergoing dramatic changes.

Seaman’s work showcases the natural beauty of the Polar Regions, capturing vibrant the blues and whites of ice and snow set against cloudy skies. While Seaman’s work has a strong focus on environmental issues, she didn’t set out to document the effects of climate change. Initially, Seaman says, she was simply drawn to the “beauty and awesomeness” of the region. However, Seaman recalls,

as the years passed I could not help but become aware of changes I was witnessing happen not in geological time but within my own human scale. The ice and snow were less and less in the Arctic and watching Polar Bears swimming over great distances in the cold sea was creating a hard pit in my stomach.

Seaman hopes her work helps deepen her audience’s connection to the planet, highlighting the beauty and importance of preserving our home.

Seaman has shot multiple stunning series of the region, and is releasing a photo book entitled “Melting Away: A Ten-Year Journey through Our Endangered Polar Regions” featuring a collection of her best photographs from her decade-long photographic focus. Seaman is currently finishing a photographic project documenting storms in the United States. You can find more of her work on her website.

Images courtesy of Camille Seaman, used with permission.

Via [My Modern Met]

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Very nice work! Very scary but informative!

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These are so beautiful!

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