The Surreal Landscape Of Marc Adamus

The Surreal Landscape Of Marc Adamus

Working for Fstoppers I come across a lot of photography, a lot! At a certain point it becomes hard to find artist that truly leaves me standing in awe. Marc Adamus does, the man was born to have a camera in his hands. His compositions are nothing short of textbook perfect, not to mention the dynamic range he is pulling out of his images is incredible. Marc manually blends separate exposures in a lot of his work. Please take some time to view his Website or 500px. I hope his work inspires you to go out and shoot.

"At 33, I have been a full-time professional landscape photographer for many years now. I am based in Oregon, USA, but spend most of my year out in the field, moving around all over the place and chasing the light. My adventurous style of photography is one best defined by bold, dramatic imagery that stems from my love of unusual weather and getting far off the beaten path. My work has appeared in over a hundred different publications around the globe including National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Readers Digest and Sierra Club, among others. I conduct dozens of workshops and tours each year in a variety of places, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I love showing people the wonders of nature I have found and sharing with them the special relationship photography can have with all around us. My business in photography as well as all my life is designed around the principle and everlasting desire to get 'out there' as much as I possibly can, to the tune of about 300 days per year. You won't find me on Facebook, blogs, Google+, Twitter, forums or any other form of social media I haven't heard of yet that will be all the rage tomorrow. I'll apologize in advance."


























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Keith Michael's picture

unreal! fantastic. 

Totally awesome. It's like..HDR, but, good :)

Syman St's picture

Heavy on the photoshop, but very beautiful.

Pratik Naik's picture

Wow no kidding, that was spectacular!

Greg Brave's picture

Incredible work!

Thomas Jergel's picture

I have to agree with Bram Berkien, this is one of the few times I have seen a use of HDR (or that tyoe of processing) that looks fantastic and not painterly or overly grunged. :)

Ted Gore's picture

he doesn't use the typical 'HDR' technique for creating his images. It's a more advanced style of manually blending.

Boyan Boyanov's picture

Yes, Marc's images are highly processed. If you stand next to him you will not see what his final images show. Which is not to be taken as an indictment. His processing takes reality as a starting point and then takes it to wherever his vision wants it to go. He has an a great sense of light, perspective, anticipation of weather patterns, and the ability to visualize the grand landscape in ways that few others can. Regardless of how you feel about the aggressive processing, you can't deny that he does have a distinctive style and acute vision for what he wants to achieve.

Adam Correia's picture

WOW WOW WOW! These are absolutely stunning.

Ted Gore's picture

my favorite landscape photographer. He's a really nice guy too. I've emailed him with questions in the past, and he's sent me very detailed replies. I'm going on one of his guided tours next week, and then another in August. Totally stoked to meet the guy and gain some of his knowledge. 

Israel Zion Shirk's picture

That looks like a lot of time spent being ridiculously cold.

Gareth Roughley's picture

Unbelievably inspiring and humbling

Dafydd Owen's picture

Individually I think they look stunning.
But put all together I feel somewhat overwhelmed by the saturation.

Alan Taylor Smith's picture

I don't think I've ever seen a photographer blow me away over and over. I want to go to each of those places. Not the physical places though, I want to go to the worlds inside his camera.

I was walking past a classroom and saw a calendar the other day and immediately thought "Marc Adamus".  I was right :P  He certainly has his own style that is so recognizable and is fantastic BUT i have to say it doesnt hit me as hard as it used to when i first started shooting. I guess I started just before HDR started gaining steam and am not using more off camera lighting and medium format and i just find it more appealing.  Again... incredible work and an amazing knack for being in the right place at the right time (the clouds are AMAZING!) but in seeing various types of landscape, it has lost a bit of an it's edge.

Jayesh's picture

These images are simply stunning!